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Why You Need a Professional Business Address

Working from home has its advantages. You can check your email in your pajamas, or teleconference in the bathtub. But using your home address can actually be a detriment to your professional and business growth. If you’re looking to grow your business this year, consider the following reasons you should invest in a business address.

Faster (And Safer) Package Delivery

You’ll receive better rates and higher priority with a business address versus a home address. Save money and guarantee your packages are delivered on time.

Even more important than rates or turnaround time is a secure location. You don’t want your packages sitting in the rain, or an important business document laying around in the mailbox.

Create a Professional Image

Imagine: you list your home address on your business card and your client drops by unexpectedly. It happens more than you think. But what if your house is a mess? Or you actually are in your PJs? Or you’re not home?

In any of the above scenarios, your professional image, trustworthiness and credibility suffer.

Investing in a business address means more than just investing in a desk. It means you care enough to invest in your business image.

Business Licensing Requirements

It’s not easy to get a business license for a home-based office – in many areas, it requires additional paperwork, fees and proof that you have a designated space in your home that will be exclusively used for business. While you may think you’ll reap the benefits of a home-based office deduction on your taxes, the reality is that those savings may be offset by the hassle and additional financial outlay required to get this designation.

A professional business address, whether a physical office suite you rent or a virtual office space, means you can get your business up and running much faster, and you can stay focused on business growth instead of having to prove your home-based designation each year.

PO Boxes Don’t Always Cut It

Yes, a PO Box looks more professional than a home address, but it isn’t the most business-friendly solution out there.

Planning to use your PO Box for deliveries? Some services will not deliver to a PO Box.

You also can’t verify your business on Google+ with a PO Box, nor can you use a PO Box if you plan to send promotional emails with services like MailChimp (this is in accordance with the CAN SPAM act, which requires businesses to use a physical street address in their emails).

There are some services who offer a PO Box that includes a physical address (for example, 123 Main Street, #400 instead of PO Box 400), but you may run into the issue of a client “dropping by” your business address to find that they’re at the Post Office. Not the best solution.


With three different levels of administrative services available that provide business addresses, in addition to executive office space for lease, The Executive Office will your business look more professional. Contact us for more information.

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