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QUIZ: Can Professional Services Benefit Your Business?

Have you been wondering if you should consider leasing office space? Concerned that your home address is giving off the wrong vibe? Wondering if a receptionist can help?

Take our short 4-question quiz below and find out if it's time to consider upgrading your business.

1. Do You Frequently Miss Calls Because You’re On The Job?

Yes / No

If you’re missing calls because you’re working, or unable to answer because you’re in meetings, you’re a prime candidate for outsourcing. Missed calls can damage your business’ credibility and can put you at risk for losing a job opportunity. Outsourcing call reception services will solve this problem. Professional services can answer, transfer and transcribe your calls so you never miss an opportunity to grow your business.

2. Are you giving out your cell phone as your primary phone number?

Yes / No

Yikes! This can be a risky undertaking for your work-life balance. Giving out your personal cell number gives clients free access to you at all hours, making it difficult to have time away. Furthermore, if your voicemail isn’t set up to reflect your business, it can be confusing for potential clients who are calling. (And if it is, you may be confusing friends and family.) A separate business line solves this problem.

3. Are your packages are delivered to your home address?

Yes / No

This is a big red flag: Important paperwork and deliveries should never be left in a mailbox on the street, or worse, on your doorstep. Doing so exposes time-sensitive and confidential information to theft. Professional services will receive your mail at a professional business address and notify you of receipt. They also offer a safe, secure place for deliveries to be stored should you be out on an errand, in a meeting, or on vacation.

A business address can also save you money on shipping and get those important deliveries in your hands faster. Did you know that delivery services prioritize commercial deliveries over residential deliveries – and in some cases, even offer discounted rates?

4. Do your meetings take place in coffee shops and/or restaurants?

Yes / No

Yes, coffee shops free wifi with purchase of a cup of coffee, but that cuppa or two (or three or four, depending on the number of meetings you’re conducting) will add up. Coffee shops also do not offer the privacy and professionalism that growing businesses need.

As far as restaurants, business lunches can be a great opportunity to wine and dine potential clients. But constant restaurant-hopping will take a toll on your business expenses, and once your meal is done, you’re back on the street again.



If you answered yes to most of the questions above, it’s time to look at outsourcing your professional services. The Executive Office offers a complete solution for business professionals: three levels of professional services, conference and meeting room rentals, and private office spaces for lease. Call us today at 985-503-7330 or email for more information.

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